What’s vital to remember when seeing info about COVID-19 cases

One of the real failures of most media in this pandemic is the inability or lack of interest in reporting statistics properly, and this failure in turn scares people far too much.

So, yes, the Delta variant is much more infectious than previous iterations of this virus.

So yes, the Delta variant is infecting way more people way more easily than previously.

And yes, there are significantly more cases now among those who are fully vaccinated and since this seems to be the major point of reporting illness, this scares people into believing that the vaccines are simply not worth it.

But look beyond simple case numbers and you get a very different picture.

So yes, the vaccines are not 100 % effective at preventing illness (no vaccines are), and in fact, are probably only 60 % effective or so among the fully vaccinated (and perhaps dropping with time even more so).

But here’s the problem if you just look at case numbers: Since the proportion of the public in North America that is fully vaccinated is well over half now, it also makes absolute mathematical sense that a much larger percentage of cases will now appear in the fully vaccinated.

But what has to be stressed and sadly is too often overlooked is that these are case numbers only: The number of severe cases is still far lower among the fully vaccinated than among the non-vaccinated, as are the number of deaths.

In other words, the vaccines are mitigating severe illness and death, not doing as good a job as originally against avoiding illness, although still not a bad job overall.

Bottom line: The vaccines are still working well.