Finally, a small start to finding new tactics

We (desperately?) need new tactics in fighting this pandemic, specifically tactics geared to getting more people fully immunized.

And especially before things heat up much more, which seems to be happening far too quickly, and most worryingly, before the provincial government reacts to the new reality.

So it’s good to see that the B.C. Health Ministry has just announced that it is reducing the waiting time between doses of COVID-19 vaccine to 28 days from the previous 8 week or so waiting time.

It’s a small start in acknowledging that what has been done up to now has worked only to a certain point, and going forward, we need new strategies to deal with this virus, especially tactics to get more people who are not at all immunized to get fully immunized.

Like, for example, demanding that anyone who works in health care, or perhaps even anyone who works for the provincial government, has to accept that to keep their job, they need to be vaccinated?

Why not?