If you suffer from Delta-is-doom syndrome, you should read this analysis

Way way way too many people are suffering from Delta Doom syndrome, the feeling – actually, the certain knowledge – that the Delta variant is condemning us to a very painful situation with deaths soon to spike to record levels from COVID-19, and it’s even scarier, if you think that, to think too that there are dozens of other potential variants to spring up should we manage to get on top of Delta.

The real world scenario, not the social media and the traditional media picture of it, is likely to be different, not nearly as drastic as some would have it.

Delta is bad, for sure, but it’s way badder (as my kids used to say) for those who remain unvaccinated, either by choice or because they can’t get a vaccine for one of a several valid reasons.

For the fully vaccinated, yes, Delta is potentially bad, especially to those at the most vulnerable end of the spectrum, but it’s likely to turn out to be not nearly as bad as the the media make it it to be.


For the simple reason that these vaccines are working well, not that they offer 100 % protection (nothing does) but because they offer very good protection.

So if you want to get out of the Delta doldrums, and you want to get a real sense of what is probably in store for us, you should read this online article from Medpage Today.

Now clearly, no one can predict the future, although everyone is great at predicting the past.

But this is the most likely objective scenario – bad, but coulda been much, much worse.