One way for men to lower their risk of dying from advanced prostate cancer

Stay married.

Or whatever the un-official equivalent may be.


Well, the best way to put it is because women consistently try to remind the main men in their lives to take better care of their health, which is most likely why, a recent Canadian study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, concluded that widowers have a higher risk for advanced prostate cancer than men who are part of a couple.

Or as the lead author of this study put it in a press release “Without a spouse’s encouragement to see a doctor or get screened if there are symptoms, cancers remain undetected longer and may be diagnosed at a more advanced stage.”

Some men would call it nagging.

I think a much better term is to call it “judicious reminding” of what’s really important.

And women are great at it, those of us with an important woman in our lives are very happy to acknowledge.