We don’t know nearly as much as we should know about coronavirus infections in kids

Something that the Delta surge has brought to the forefront.

So while we know kids can and do get infected, and we know that cases have risen dramatically everywhere the Delta variant is causing havoc, which is everywhere of course, and we know that many more kids are in hospitals these days in some parts of the world (especially southern US, for example) than was the case with previous iterations of this virus, sadly and most unfortunately, we still have no good data on whether Delta is causing significantly worse disease in kids.

The percentage of kids who get sick is not a good measure of what’s occurring since that was bound to go up with Delta because kids are unimmunized and the vaccines are protecting immunized people against infection, and especially against serious outcomes.

But are kids ending up sicker?

Are kids ending up with more “long COVID”?

There are lots of anecdotal reports about ICUs in some American states filling with COVID kids, but not nearly as many dire reports from other countries with outbreaks, such as Canada, for example, or the UK.

This is really important data to collect going forward because the fall school season is about to happen and there will clearly be strong pushes to get kids immunized, so before that takes place, we should determine that 1) the vaccines are safe in kids, 2) the vaccines work in kids, and 3) that kids actually need the vaccines to prevent serious consequences in them.