Great example of why we don’t know nearly as much as we think we know about pandemic

A study from Ontario just published in Annals of Internal Medicine has concluded that younger age groups, and especially young men, had much higher rates of COVID-19 infection in 2020 than was previously thought to be the case through analysis of COVID-19 testing data.

This different re-analysis of the data was based on the situation last year, so it’s very likely that the situation is even more stark during this Delta variant surge, that is, that way more young people than we think or that we extract from testing results are getting infected, which means in turn, of course, that this huge and mobile cohort (not to mention the cohort that is also significantly more likely to be involved in service industries such as restaurants, for example) is likely transmitting significantly more infections than we have believed to be the case.

One more important reason for no one to let their guard down right now.