Do you want to know what risks public health experts are taking during the pandemic?

It’s always instructive to learn what experts actually do (or say they will do) instead of just listen to what experts say you should do, especially, I think, during this pandemic.

So a terrific article from a great reporter, Helen Branswell (used to be based in Canada, I am pretty sure, so no wonder she’s good), in Stat, a fabulous publication (lots of superlatives in this sentence, and all fully deserved) summarizes what Helen found out when she asked a bunch of public health experts what they think is safe to do for themselves.

I urge you to read the article for yourself because some of this may surprise you, like for example, stuff that surprised me which includes 1) the determination that none of the people interviewed felt it was safe to send their child to school without a mask and 2) that about 40 % of the respondents felt it was OK, even with the Delta surge, to go on a non-essential international trip (I wouldn’t risk it right now but then I’m not a public health expert), which I found really interesting because far fewer of them (25 % or so) say they would eat in a restaurant, so presumably a good number of these experts would go on an international trip and only eat in their hotel rooms or if they stayed in an accommodation with a kitchen they would only cook their own meals which totally defeats the joy of an international trip for me.

Anyway, great reading, so read it.