Yo Gen Xers: You really do wanna lower your risk of stroke because stroke rates have risen significantly in under-60-year-olds

So while stroke rates have remained pretty steady for the last 2 decades or so in people over the age of 60, unfortunately, stroke rates have risen by about 400 % in younger adults over that same time span.

Happily, overall, , strokes are still rare events in younger individuals but not nearly as rare as they could be or should be, and of course, the rates of these not-as-rare-as-they-should-be events are still rising.

So all info about lowering the risks for this devastating health complication should be welcome news to middle-aged adults, and one of the easiest tactics seems to be, I’m sure you’ve guessed, moving more, or more specifically perhaps, sitting much less than most people of that age group are doing these days.

In a paper published in the quite appropriately-named journal, Stroke, Canadian researchers analyzed data on over 140,000 individuals over the last couple of decades and concluded that over that time span, “risk of stroke among individuals aged younger than 60 years who engaged in low physical activity and excess sedentary leisure time increased 4.5-fold, compared with individuals with low physical activity who were sedentary less than 4 hours per day.”

So, the lead author said in an interview, “(this) suggests that there’s two ways to lower risk: One would be to lower your sedentary time, and the other would be to engage in physical activity.”

Probably the most important health adage ever even in this pandemic time: Sit less, move more.