Ontario is doing it and we should follow suit

Starting in a few weeks, the Ontario government has just announced that it will begin offering a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to individuals most at risk of serious illness including transplant recipients, patients with certain blood cancers, people on some anti-immune medications, and most notably, residents of long-term care homes, retirement homes and First Nations elder care lodges.

BC? Still considering it, apparently.

I think this is short-sighted.

It’s perhaps too soon to start advising 3rd dosing in most people but I think that studies are pretty clear that the people in that list above are clearly at significantly higher risk of waning antibody protection and hence waning immunity (not to mention that many in those groups likely never achieved high immune levels in the first place) so it’s really just a question of time before health authorities here will have to offer this 3rd dosing to them (and probably to all seniors as well), and it would certainly alleviate a lot of the anxiety among that large group of people if this unavoidable announcement came sooner rather than later.