It’s getting more and more likely – 2

Another indication that 3rd doses of mRNA vaccines will be required by seniors at least nd perhaps by everyone is this analysis just presented by researchers from Hebrew University in Jerusalem on what’s happened in Israel since in the midst of a huge upswing in Covid cases due to the Delta variant, the government rolled out 3rd doses for the vast majority of its population – now including everyone over the age of 30.

This analysis concludes that Israel is curbing the Delta variant surge in large part because of the use of 3rd doses.

Now it’s always easy in studies like this to argue that other considerations must be looked at – changes in behaviour, for example, because of the surge, errors in methodology, etc – but these are careful scientists with a great track record so it’s a pretty wise idea to pay attention to what they say: It will be very difficult to abate Delta (and perhaps other variants soon to come) surges if 3rd doses are not eventually administered.