Why it’s so hard to lose weight with exercise alone

Every overweight person knows this (I was overweight most of my life so I’m in on this secret): Just exercising more doesn’t seem to help you lose much weight.

Which is why this new study published in Current Biology makes so much sense.

By analyzing data on 1,750 adults, these researchers found that if you’re obese (although I would bet this is probably true even for people at normal weight an certainly true for overweight-but-not-obese people), when you start to exercise more, your cruel body lowers the amount of calorie expenditure you exert at rest.

In other words, you have to work at least doubly hard to just maintain normal resting metabolic calorie expenditure.

If you marry that to the fact that so many people who start to exercise more also start to eat more – perhaps because you’re more hungry form working out, perhaps because you feel you’re allowed to eat more since you’re exercising more, probably a combo of both – it’s a perfect scenario for why normal extra exercising won’t help anyone lose very much weight.

Not fair, but as they say, it is what it is.