And apple a day keeps

Your blood pressure at bay.

Catchy, right?

According to new research just published in the journal, Hypertension, flavonoid-rich foods, including berries, apples, pears and wine, may have a positive effect on blood pressure levels.

In this study of over 900 German adults between the ages of 25 and 82, those study participants who had the highest intake of flavonoid-rich foods had lower systolic blood pressure levels than those participants who didn’t eat as much in the way of flavonoid-rich foods.

As to how flavonoids may help lower blood pressure, these researchers claim that flavonoids have a positive effect on the gut microbiome, that is, you harbor better and healthier-for-you bacteria in your gut (and presumably all over) if you eat more flavonoids, and healthy gut bacteria have been linked to a host of positive health effects.

Anyway, when you think about it, what could possibly be th3e downside to eating more fruit?