Can never under-estimate the gullibility of a hell of a lot of people

Well-researched analyses of the data have shown quite clearly that ivermectin, an animal de-worming medication, does not work against Covid infections.

Yet, because of wide sharing of social media items extolling the benefits of ivermectin to those wanting to believe, the drug has achieved near-mythical status among some parts of the population, which is why, the New York Times reports on data from the (US) CDC, prescriptions for ivermectin soared last month.

So either there’s been a huge outbreak – a pandemic, one might call it – of worms in horses and sheep and cattle.

Or else, there’s been a huge outbreak of gullibility and willful self-deception among people who, unlike 70-80 % of the population, refuse to believe in the benefits of Covid vaccines, so rather than trust their future to a vaccine (for which prototypes have been studied for nearly 2 decades), they’d rather trust their immediate health to horse medication.

Parallel universes.