Easy way to lower your BP

If, of course, you like yogurt.

A study of just under 1000 elderly people, some of whom had high BP and some didn’t, determined a “statistically significant reduction in systolic blood pressure among those with high blood pressure who consumed yogurt.”

“Modest” is actually a bad word to use here because even though the BP difference between yogurt eaters and non-yogurt eaters (quite a description, that) was just a few points, from other studies we know that that’s enough to significantly lower the risk of major BP-linked complications such as strokes and kidney damage.

So eat more yogurt to help control your BP, knowing that yogurt, a fermented dairy product, likely has lots of other health benefits as well.

And besides, if you eat more yogurt, especially for breakfast, you’re also less likely to eat too much of far less healthy foods.

And if you don’t like yogurt, suck it up anyway cuz it’s good for you.

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