Even though we’re very scared and anxious about this pandemic

Meaning that we should resist the strong temptation to try things just because there is so much fear about.

As exhibits one, we should mention hydroxycholoroquine, example 2 is ivermectin, and the fast-becoming example 3 is booster or 3rd doses of the coronavirus vaccines.

So although it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that 3rd doses of any (or all) of the vaccines will eventually be required, there is still no proof that that 1) the time has come (the vaccines remain very effective against severe outcomes from infection), 2) we know which cohorts may require those 3rd doses, 3) how soon after a 2nd dose a 3rd one may be needed, 4) whether a vaccine exactly tailored to whatever variant is most circulating at the time of that 3rd vaccine is needed or whether we can rely on the first iteration of the vaccines, etc.

All of which is summarized nicely in an article published in the Lancet.

As always, first the underpants, then the pants.

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