Statins make diabetes worse

In a recent study published in JAMA, researchers used data on over 160,000 people with diabetes, half of whom were on statins and half were not, and they concluded that over the 12 years the study lasted, statins were likely to make diabetes worse in a person who already had diabetes.

This worsening included “a higher likelihood of insulin treatment initiation, developing significant hyperglycemia, experiencing acute glycemic complications, and being prescribed an increased number of glucose-lowering medication classes.”

But it’s not at all simple for diabetics to stop taking statins or to avoid going on them in the first place mainly because statins are known to lower the risks of cardiovascular disease, and diabetics are of course at much higher risk of severe CVD complications.

Rock and hard place, then, for many diabetics, which means that the decision to take a stain – or not – should be taken very carefully, lots of discussion with family doc, lots of self-education, and should be re-evaluated constantly.

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