The good news is that colon cancer rates have dropped dramatically during the pandemic

The really corresponding bad news, though, is that colon cancer rates have dropped dramatically during the pandemic.

A study from Spain has backed up something seen in many countries for the last year: colo-rectal cancer (CRC) rates have dropped dramatically over the last year or so, in this particular study, those rates were said to be 40 % lower than in previous years.

But the reason that is not simply good news is obvious – CRC has not gone away and there is no good biological reason for it to have gone down even a bit.

In fact, other studies have shown that the rate of CRC is actually climbing swiftly among people younger than 45.

So what is likely to happen very soon is that once people resume getting screened and tested – clearly, screening tests for CRC plummeted the last couple of years (well, would you willingly go for a colonoscopy while Delta was driving through your neck of the woods? precisely) – so we should soon witness a steep rise in CRC among all demographic groups.

If you’re in the cohort that should be screened – and remember, screening is now recommended for many people in their 40s – back in there and get it done.

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