Coffee is a health drink

Study after study after study has confirmed that with small exceptions (early in pregnancy being one of the main ones), moderate intake of coffee is linked to better health outcomes

Or, to be more accurate, I think, people who drink moderate amounts of coffee tend to have better health outcomes than people who don’t drink coffee (and in fact, moderate here is simply a CYA description because most of these benefits accrue to even those who drink huge amounts of coffee, but no one really has any conception of an upper limit for these findings so best to stick with moderate intake).

So no surprise that we can add yet another study to this huge pile of pro-coffee findings, although TBH, this study just adds to something that’s been established before, namely, that coffee is very friendly to the liver.

But it’s a really big study based on good data so it bears paying attention to.

So should you drink coffee to protect your livere?

Hard to say.

Some liver experts do indeed recommend moderate (there’s that confounding inexact word again) coffee to their patients, while others say (in pretty typical doctor slow-to-accept-until-you-can’t-say-otherwise fashion; just see the public health people in Canada) that it’s best to wait for more data, although I doubt that most of these experts will ever be satisfied with sufficient data.

At the very least, it’s possible to say that if you have liver problems and you also drink coffee, there is no reason in the world to give up your no-doubt favourite brew.