If you have high blood pressure, an important recent study

Interesting study presented at the recent (virtual) Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association (the study was listed as Abstract 375) concluded something that makes eminent common sense.

When examining post-mortem brain tissue (yes, the patients has all donated their brains to science), these researchers concluded that those brains in people who had been taking high blood pressure meds, especially diuretics, were associated with fewer brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease (and other neurological deterioration) compared to the brain samples of people who had not taken HBP meds while alive.

Reason this makes sense, of course, is that HBP is clearly a risk factor for neurological damage and brain damage, so lowering BP with meds is very likely to lower the chance of suffering those consequences.

Bottom line: If you have BP, first, do everything in your own power to keep your blood pressure down, and then if that doesn’t work well enough, and trust me, it won’t work well enough for most of you, then start taking some sort of blood pressure medication, and most important, take it as directed: It won’t help you if you don’t take it.