If you suffer from GERD, some recent news you might want to pay attention to

A very small study (66 people) that was presented at the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) recent virtual meeting showed that in overweight people suffering from GERD and who were taking meds for that problem (most commonly a PPI such as Nexium) even a small weight loss (average in this study of roughly 6 pounds) helped them reduce the amount of drug they needed to take to keep their symptoms under control.

As someone who has resented being on PPIs for over 2 decades (whenever I try to go off – and I’ve done that at least a dozen times, my symptoms come roaring back and life becomes pretty intolerable), I have taken this to heart and I swear that as hard as it may be to do, I am going to lose 5-10 pounds to see if I can finally get off my Nexium (which along with other PPIs has been linked to a host of potential negative consequences and complications).

Worth you trying, too, if you are overweight and on a PPI for GERD.