If you have cataracts, listen up

A new study just published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology concluded that people who’ve undergone cataract surgery, as so many aging folks have had to do, are significantly more likely to die of cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared to peers who haven’t undergone cataract surgery.

Is it the surgery that leads to a higher risk of CVD death (oh, I hate that word)?

Unlikely (although studies such as this are never able to establish cause and effect linkages).

Much more likely, I think, is that many of the conditions that raise the risk of suffering cataracts (high blood pressure, for example, and maybe especially diabetes) are also linked with a significantly raised risk of CVD so that cataracts are more of a marker for this risk than the cause of it.

Anyway, bottom line is simple: If you’ve had surgery for cataracts, add that to the list of other risk factors you have for CVD, and do all you can to lower that risk.