Boosters for everyone

The argument for boosters for everyone gets stronger by the week as data about boosters, which were only initiated a few weeks ago in a few countries, has started coming in.

Two studies: Here and here argue quite strongly about the short-to-medium term benefit of boosters, particularly, of course, in the most at-risk populations but also seem to indicate that they are of good benefit to less at-risk populations.

Whether these boosters will also wane in effectiveness over time (especially a short term like 6 months), and more important, whether that will actually matter in 6 months (who can even begin to predict which variant, if any, is circulating 6 months from now), is still, of course, entirely unpredictable.

But for now, with Delta still circulating widely and with so many still-unvaxxed and un-infected people out there (this will of course change with time, especially as so many unvaxxed get sick, some of whom will, unfortunately, also die), it just makes sense to get boosters into everyone and wait to see what spring brings.