Colo-rectal cancer rates climbing in every age group

One recent report (here) and one recent study, both about data on Americans (although as nearly always, what applies to Americans applies to us here in Canada as well), indicate quite starkly that rates of colo-rectal cancer, the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in North America, are rising sharply in nearly all populations, but especially, according to these reports, among Caucasians and especially among younger people, which includes both young adults and midlifers.

So to that end (I know, I know) American health authorities now advise colo-rectal cancer (CRC) screening start at age 45 as opposed to the old recommended age of 50, although Canadian health authorities continue to stick to the old standard.

Bottom line (yes, yes), since no one really knows the best age to start screening for CRC, I think if you have risk factors that put you at somewhat higher risk of CRC, such as a family member who has had CRC, then it probably makes sense to start screening at an earlier age than age 50, although which screening test you should choose is still a matter of hot debate.