All activity is good, some types of activity are better than others

Like housework, for example.

So, according to new research recently published in the open access journal BMJ Open, “housework is linked to sharper memory, attention span, and better leg strength, and by extension, greater protection against falls, in older adults,” which seems to me, an elderly man, is better than hitting the trifecta at the track, not that I would know how good it feels to hit a trifecta because I’ve never actually hit a trifecta mainly cuz, I suppose, I never go to the track.

Even better, I guess, for someone like me who does a whole lot of housework (well, my wife works full-time in large part to support her husband who loves the dividends she brings in, and anyway, I love doing housework cuz it’s one of the few things in life that you can be so orderly about) and who also loves walking and hiking, the benefits of housework in this study on a random sample of roughly 500 people of all ages, were “independent of other regular recreational and workplace physical activities, and active commuting”, meaning that you get a double bang for your buck by walking and washing, hiking and hoeing.

Any type of physical activity you do is good, but it’s also very likely that the more varied activities you engage in and and the more often you engage in them the better.