A good idea from our American cousin experts

In the latest issue of Science which is just out, the authors argue that “a COVID-19 commission must be created by the U.S. government” in order to investigate a host of issues coming out of the pandemic including: “stabilizing public health agencies, examining earlier outbreaks, reviewing pandemic preparedness, and evaluating the United States’ responses to COVID-19”.

It’s that latter issue – the handling of responses – that needs especial examination post-pandemic by governments all over the world including our own because if there’s one thing that’s become clearer as the outbreak persists, there have been many errors, mis-judgements, unconscious biases, and wrong steps taken during this pandemic.

My own particular bias on something that needs a ton of intense examination is how health authorities dealt with the elderly, particularly frail elderly who are no longer active out in the community, which has often been – not sure which adverb applies best – appalling, shameful, neglectful, but whatever we call it, there is no question at all that the elderly could have been dealt with a whole lot better than has been the case.

If there’s one thing Canadian governments are good at – world class, in fact – it’s at putting together commissions of inquiry, and this should be done ASAP because the next pandemic may not be far away.